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How to View Instagram Highlights Anonymously?

How to view highlights anonymously

    If you want to view Instagram highlights without being revealed – you are in the right place. According to recent studies, Instagram is among the top five most-used social media platforms. People share their lives online without hesitation.

    We will tell you how to see someone’s story collections without being detected, using a trusted and effective highlight viewer like Glassagram and others. There are numerous Instagram viewers available. However, not all of them work properly and guarantee stealth access to the desired Instagram profile. 

    You might have various reasons why you need to view Instagram highlights anonymously. But one thing is clear: choose a reliable viewer tool to avoid embarrassing situations. You don’t need them to know you watch their accounts, do you? Hence, if you want to view your ex-partner’s stories/highlights or check what your child is posting on their Instagram account, and you prefer to do it without them knowing, keep reading!

    What Are Instagram Highlights?

    Instagram is the most popular social media platform many use to interact with the world, share lifestyles and thoughts, and promote businesses, with 62% of users becoming more interested in a product or brand after seeing it in stories. Creating Instagram highlights and stories is essential for anyone’s private Instagram page. Some users make highlights to save their best moments, others – for improving business strategy.

    So, what are Instagram highlights, and what can we use them for? Creating Instagram highlights is a feature that allows you to save and display your IG stories as permanent collections on your profile. You may create collections of your favorite stories based on your purposes and topics you want to cover. 

    Highlights appear below your Instagram bio and at the top of your posts. They let users rewatch your Instagram stories even 24 hours after you added them to the platform. Visually, they are circles whose covers and titles can be freely changed or deleted if needed.

    What is Instagram highlights

    Thus, Instagram story highlights are similar to site navigation: you can go to the targeted user’s Instagram profile and find only the information you need the most. No wonder – viewing someone’s Instagram highlights secretly becomes a very beneficial activity. With a decent highlight viewer, you may access everything they share with the world without leaving a trace on their account, whether it is their business promotion or private life-related confessions.

    How to View Instagram Highlights Anonymously

    There are several options to view Instagram highlights anonymously. So, ensure you know your limits, resources, and goals before choosing the most suitable one. Let’s see the most common ways to view Instagram story highlights without being revealed.

    • Create an account, particularly for watching their IG content, including stories and highlights. The drawback of this option is that they may notice that an unknown profile is watching them, so they may eventually block you. Moreover, you won’t be able to access someone’s private accounts.
    • Use airplane mode. Go to your Instagram account and find the profile that highlights you want to see. Wait for the page to download and turn on the airplane mode. Now, you can watch their Instagram highlights without them knowing. The only thing is that you can’t access all highlights, as some of them may still need time to download.
    • Use a reliable Instagram viewer. It is the best way to view Instagram stories and highlights stealthily and hassle-free. Some advanced viewing tools can go through Instagram’s SSL encryption and, by this, access not only public but private accounts.

    Glassagram Instagram Viewer 🔥

    Glassagram Instagram Viewer

    The Glassagram Instagram viewer and downloader offers users numerous monitoring opportunities. With the help of this high-quality tool, one can learn what your most loved friends, family members, colleagues, or ex-partners are busy with.

    With Glassagram, you may view Instagram while remaining incognito and access someone’s private and public accounts with all content-related data. So, let’s see what features you get when using the Glassagram anonymous Instagram viewer.

    • View the stories they post or photos and videos they publish on their account;
    • Monitor how their audience is reacting and commenting on the content;
    • See hot likes they get, what reels they create, and get detailed information about their posts, with dates and all activity in the chosen profile;
    • View IG stories anonymously not just for 24 hours but up to three months;
    • Check their Instagram followers and who they follow to learn more about their social circle and interests;
    • Download any content, including highlights, stories, posts, reels, etc.
    • You will also be able to view their tagged photos and location tags.

    Steps on How to Use

    Glassagram allows you to view Instagram stories/highlights with minimum effort. But you still need to know how to use it properly. The great thing about our tool is that it doesn’t require installation. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 

    1. Click Watch Now on
    2. Select the open/private type of account that you want to monitor. The pricing will differ for both.
    3. Choose your subscription plan, starting at $50.99/m, and make the purchase. 
    4. Wait for the email with login credentials and instructions. 
    5. Log in to your dashboard from any device to see someone’s highlights anonymously. 
    6. Input the targeted Instagram username in the search bar and give Glassagram time to retrieve information.

    Since you need to create your account, you may wonder what happens with the personal information you provide. Glassagram uses encryption to protect your information from disclosure. Hence, you can use the viewer without worrying about the safety of your personal data as it is saved securely in its servers.

    Additional Features

    The Glassagram Insta tool works perfectly both as a viewer and downloader. With its help, you may view private and public stories anonymously without being shown on the list of those who watched them, but it also allows you to download all types of Instagram content.

    Go to the required profile from your user space and tap the download button to download Instagram stories, photos, reels, and videos from Instagram. 

    Finally, Glassagram allows you to view multiple Instagram accounts anonymously. The device you are using doesn’t matter. Simply add the chosen profiles in your user space and check on the updates.

    Other Methods

    If you’d like to learn about alternative ways to view Instagram highlights online and Instagram stories without being detected, consider the following viewers. However, they allow monitoring only public accounts.

    Viewing with StoriesIG

    StoriesIG is a free highlights and stories viewer that allows users to view and download relevant Instagram content anonymously. Remember that this service won’t let you download any content from private accounts, only from public ones. 

    Copy the URL of the account you want to see or the username of the profile in the search field and start monitoring. StoriesIG will let you watch Instagram stories, photos, videos, posts, and highlights without detection. Moreover, using StoriesIG enables users to safeguard visual content. You never know when they’d like to delete an image or the entire post. So, enter the targeted Instagram username in the search box and save your favorite content.

    Viewing with InstaNavigation

    InstaNavigation viewer

    Another tool you might like if you want to view Instagram anonymously is InstaNavigation. It is a free viewer that lets users see what happens in other’s profiles while remaining anonymous. It does not require registration but still gives opportunities to download photos, videos, original stories, and other content, keeping the high quality of the visuals. Thus, InstaNavigation is a decent alternative for watching and saving Insta highlights when you are on a short budget. 

    How to Download Instagram Story Highlights

    Since the time limit for stories to appear on Instagram is only 24 hours, one may download story highlights with viewing tools like Glassagram. Create your account, pick up the subscription package, and choose the profile you need to monitor. With Glassagram, downloading Instagram highlights will be a simple journey for you. 

    1. Create an account on Glassagram. Insert the targeted username in the dedicated field and choose the type of profile you want to monitor;
    2. Pick up your subscription and give the tool some time to synchronize the data. It may take longer for private profiles due to strict IG policies;
    3. Download highlights to your smartphone by long tapping on the needed content.

    You no longer need to tap and hold someone’s stories to view them. Save Instagram stories, highlights, and other content with a few clicks using the intuitive Glassagram user dashboard, and don’t wait for them to expire. 

    Read the FAQ section of the article to find out other details and tricks about viewing someone’s highlights and stories without being shown to the targeted person.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Highlights

    FAQ Instagra Highlights

    Can you see who views your highlights?

    Yes, it is possible to see who views your highlights, but only within 48 hours from the moment of posting. Go to your profile and choose the highlight you want to check. You may also see your highlights’ viewers at the bottom left of the screen.

    How to view someone’s archived Instagram highlights?

    There are Instagram viewers capable of retrieving someone’s archived Instagram highlights. For example, the Glassagram tool works perfectly for this purpose. It keeps the retrieved information for 3 months, even if it was deleted from the profile.

    Is it legal to download Instagram videos?

    Even though Instagram videos belong to their respective owners, it is legal to download them as long as you don’t use them for inappropriate goals, such as reposting them as your own. In this case, it is against the copyright law.

    Is it safe to save videos from Instagram online?

    We encourage users to view Instagram highlights using trusted and reliable viewing tools, like Glassagram, ensuring maximum data protection. This service uses SSL encryption to protect personal information and prevent data leaks. But remember that you are also responsible for not sharing someone’s data with third parties.

    Can you view Instagram highlights without an account?

    If you want to view Instagram stories, highlights, and other content, you don’t necessarily need to be signed up on Instagram. Use the Instagram viewer with a trusted reputation to be able to monitor someone’s content and remain undetected without having an account.

    How many highlights can you have on Instagram?

    The number of highlights you can have is unlimited. However, every highlight can hold up to one hundred stories. If you have stories you want to view regularly, you may create your highlight collections. There are no limitations from Instagram’s side.

    How much does it cost to use an Instagram story viewer and downloader?

    Some viewers and downloaders are free; others offer free trials. However, when choosing a free tool, be aware that some functions may not work. Glassagram story viewer allows you to view Instagram content and ensure an effective and secure monitoring process for $59.99/month. Selecting a lengthier subscription will let you save in the long run; the subscription for a year costs $12.74/m.

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