About Glassagram

Glassagram is the first software that allows its users to view other people’s Instagram accounts at their own time. By the way, such a view from the inside can be valuable not for fun only. This process can be used for serious purposes.


Use the anonymous location tracker for the best monitoring results!

Glassagram was founded in 2017 following the idea to take a broader view on Instagram. The worldwide social media platform holds not only colorful people`s lives on images but also many secrets. Let’s confess that all of us have the desire to watch other people account from within. Without following someone else`s profile. Quite an interesting thing, you’ll agree!

Let’s introduce ourselves and meet closer. We are professionals that are in love with what we do. In 2017 our small staff consists of five guys only. But now the company comprises more than 70 members. Each of us has great marketing and internet technologies skills. That helps to know exactly what the customer needs.

The main aim of our team is to create a product that is number one among others. The best offer for an affordable price. Also, we cherish the client’s safety. That is why our interaction and your future activity through the Grassagram software will for sure remain between us. You can rely on our 24/7 customer support with all the contentious issues concerning service usage.

Glassagram is a great way to keep an eye on hidden parts of people's virtual lives. The best part is that you can:

  • view even private accounts;
  • stalk on an unlimited number of accounts;
  • keep an eye on content updates (stories are stored for 48 hours instead of 24);
  • use Glassagram even if you don’t have an Instagram account;
  • save their videos and photos;
  • monitor a person of interest in real-time;
  • don't worry that your actions will be noticed by the account owner - even we don't know what account you have!

New Glassagram features are underway, so stay tuned and feel free to share your suggestions with us.

*some pieces of content are uploaded to your dashboard within 24 hours after posting on the target page.

Why choose us?

100% anonymity

You will be completely anonymous (views are invisible to the owner of the profile, your personal data, date and time of your visits are not displayed or saved).


Our app will allow you to fully study your target Instagram profile and view even deleted information - for example, a story or a photo.

Best price

We offer the best value for a reasonable price, being half the cost of the majority of similar products.


Discover interests. Learn how to see someone`s activity on Instagram

Don`t know what present to choose? Want to know more about someone`s interests and hobbies so you can plan enjoyable activities? Just find out what they`ve been liking on Instagram lately to get valuable insights and unique, meaningful ideas. The Glassagram tracker makes it easy to surprise and impress friends, family, lovers and crushes with thoughtful gifts and experiences they`ll love and memories they`ll cherish.

With the Glassagram options those who run a small business, for instance, can check out their strong competitors. And to learn more about their advantages and disadvantages. The strong and weak business sides. Or the software usage can have not so global purposes. You may just scroll someone else feed out of curiosity. The Glassagram possibilities are endless.


Keep your jealousy at bay and see who follows who on Instagram

Worried your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse might be straying? You don`t have to stalk them or try to sneak a peek at their phone history. Simply keep tabs on who they follow on Instagram and the images they like with our handy Instagram activity tracker to see whether there`s really any need for you to worry.

The Glassagram allows one to be the secret viewer and to see what is going on from the inside. All the direct messages (even the deleted one), the photo and video content, likes and emodji reactions will be available to see. You can also learn more about who has some romantic intentions concerning your spouse. Such a person will be more active on the profile than others.


Keep an eye on your kid`s interests. Look through the vital instagram follower activity

Remember when planking in outrageous and dangerous locations was all the rage? The weird, strange world of childhood popularity is impenetrable for most parents. And then there`s cyber bullying and cyber grooming to worry about as well. Thankfully Snoopreport`s IG activity log and Instagram tracking reports will help you easily keep track of your child`s interests, followers, follows and online activity so you can spot potentially problematic situations before they get out of hand or pose a danger to your child.

Our customers talk about us


Karina Carvalho

“I used to trust my husband. But now his behaviour has changed for the last three weeks. Today is the second day of Glassagram usage. My lovely one doesn’t suspect that I see everything.”



“My daughter is hiding from me her stories from time to time. I have been observing it during the last week. I’m worryied if she is not connected with drugs. The Instagram viewer will make everything clear”


Alex O.

“I’m the owner of a digital agency. There is one guy on our team that seems to be sharing our new private corporate ideas with our competitors. Sorry, but this will be the reason to monitor him via the Glassagram”



“No, I’m free of a love parnter and I’m open to new relations. I have a co-worker whom I liked and I decided to learn more if he comes on my account or not. I saw him watching my stories. Maybe he has.”


Sam J.

“Several times I’ve tried to understand where my son spends time from the early morning till the dark night. I watch him to be online at the Instagram account for all this time of absence at home.”


Pham Quang

“My husband had crossed all the borders! He deleted me from the followers list and set the private account mode. I started to use Glassagram. It is the first signal of being in an affair. I’ll find out the truth!”



“I want to know more about the visitors of my page. That is why I consider the Instagram anonymous tracker to be a good way for it. The service is new, but I’m sure it will appear to be an advanced one.”

Start anonymous tracking Instagram now!

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