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    Sometimes, it feels like you need a miracle to view Instagram stories anonymously. Spying on someone’s Insta stories is something you do when you want to keep an eye on a loved one, either a child, family member, partner, or even a competitor when you’re a business. However, since Instagram will reveal your username, you may want to watch IG stories anonymously. 

    There’s no need to worry, though – we have the solution for you. Here are several methods that let you become an anonymous Instagram story viewer

    How to View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

    A report from Statista revealed that Instagram’s user count will increase by 361.1 million users between 2024 and 2028. With over 2 billion monthly active users, lots of stories get shared on a daily basis. Currently, you cannot anonymously view Instagram stories because Instagram doesn’t allow it. 

    However, there is a way to watch someone’s IG stories anonymously, and that is through special third-party applications or a few simple and free tricks. This way, you can remain an anonymous story viewer, watching your competition or a loved one without them accusing you of invading their privacy. 

    Option #1: Use the Glassagram Online Tool

    Glassagram is the best option when you want to view Instagram stories anonymously. It’s an online program, so you don’t have to worry about taking extra storage space for an installation. 

    Glassagram online tool

    What makes Glassagram so remarkable is that it lets you watch Instagram stories of any private or public account in anonymous mode. Whether you want to spy on the IG stories of your spouse or a corporation, you’ll have the opportunity to do it without being seen. 

    Aside from stories, you can also see an account’s posts, comments, likes, reels, location tags, hot likes (exposing heightened interest towards your target), and even tagged photo notifications. Once you target someone, their stories can be saved in the system, and you can watch them anonymously for 3 months and download them to your gadget. The only things you cannot see are the target’s direct messages. 

    Glassagram account

    Glassagram only offers paid subscriptions, but the pricing is decent, and there’s excellent value for money. A 1-month subscription costs $49.99, whereas a 3-month subscription will cost $29.99 per month. The most convenient one is the 12-month subscription, which costs $12.49 monthly. 

    Glassagram features

    Signing up and using Glassagram is easy. Here’s how the process works:

    1. Go to
    2. Select your desired subscription plan. There are 3 different ones. 
    3. Pay for the service and wait until you receive an email with more instructions. 
    4. Type the name of your Instagram target. 
    5. Let the service collect the necessary data, and then you can check someone’s stories anonymously. 
    Glassagram sign up

    Bear in mind that retrieving data for private accounts may take around 7 days, but for public ones, it takes up to 24 hours. 

    As evidenced by customer reviews on Reddit, Quora, and Trustpilot from people who have tried Glassagram to view stories anonymously on Instagram, people love how easy it is to monitor someone else’s account and that it really brings results. Moreover, they praise the user-friendly interface. 

    Option #2: Use Third-Party Apps for Android and iPhone

    Instagram stories anonymous app can also be helpful when you want to view and download someone’s stories. There are many such apps online, and we will present 3 safe and very effective methods that make it easy to spy on your target. Here are the apps you can try:

    1. uMobix

    uMobix is a great tool that makes viewing stories anonymously a piece of cake. The app is mainly directed towards parents who want to keep an eye on their children to ensure they do not do things that endanger them. So, if you’re looking to keep tabs on your kid’s Instagram stories, uMobix lets you do that and more. 

    Instagram with uMobix

    uMobix must be installed on the target’s phone to be effective, making things a bit tricky. When the person leaves their phone unattended, that would be the best moment to strike. 

    uMobix records everything in stealth mode, so once installed, you have to hide the icon from the menu, and it will track without the owner’s knowledge. 


    • Everything, including stories, direct messages, posts, and media files, is recorded secretly
    • It shows you deleted info, too
    • It’s compatible with all Android and iOS phones
    • It gives full access to Instagram on iOS as if you were the account owner (follow users, write DMs, etc.)
    • You’ll always know what the target is doing


    • Showing the target’s text messages 
    • Keeping tabs on someone’s call history
    • Revealing the GPS location
    • Monitoring different social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more
    • Viewing deleted data 
    • Gaining access to the target’s microphone and camera
    • Demo version and trial available 
    1. SpyBubble Pro

    If you want to spy on your partner for different reasons, you can’t go wrong with SpyBubble Pro. It makes it very easy to monitor a person’s phone and find evidence that you can confront them, especially if they deny your accusations without proof. 

    Instagram with SpyBubble

    SpyBubble Pro is great because the developers know the tools cheaters use to hide what they’re doing behind your back. They have over 10 years of experience, so the app was made using all the accumulated knowledge. 

    All you need to do to start using this app is install it. You should select a subscription plan, complete your purchase, and set it up to work on the needed device. 


    • The app remains undetectable
    • It provides a tracker for SMS, GPS location, calls, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more
    • Compatibility with all iPhones and Android OS phones
    • Free demo available
    • Money-back guarantee


    • It works on all Android and iOS devices
    • It’s easy to access any deleted data
    • The information is tracked in real-time
    • Regular limited-time offers for subscriptions
    • Good price
    • Very quick and easy to install
    • No jailbreak is required
    • Stays hidden on the target phone
    1. Cocospy

    Cocospy is another Instagram anonymous story viewer that you can try. Whether you want to keep an eye on an unfaithful partner, a child, or your business, this app monitors someone’s activity remotely and without risking detection. 

    Cocospy lets you watch Instagram stories anonymously and makes it possible to keep an eye on your employees to ensure they aren’t sitting outpants. 

    Furthermore, the program allows you to monitor smartphones and tablets. It takes a few minutes to install the app and use it. You simply need to choose your subscription, sign up, download the app, and install it. 


    • Tracking social media activity
    • Tracking calendars
    • Monitoring contacts, calls, and call logs
    • GPS tracking
    • Keeping an eye on videos and photos
    • Seeing all installed apps
    • Seeing the web browser history
    • Money-back guarantee


    • It lets you keep your children safe
    • It allows you to catch a cheating partner
    • It works anonymously
    • It enables you to protect your business
    • You save money and time with the app
    • It’s easy to track someone’s activity
    • Good customer support
    • Multiple device tracking in a single subscription

    Option #3: Use Free Ways

    If you cannot afford to spend any money on third-party apps but still want to view stories anonymously on Instagram, you can do it using other methods. Believe it or not, there are workarounds to check someone’s stories and highlights anonymously for free. Here are some helpful techniques: 

    1. Create a Fake Instagram Account

    Creating a fake account is one of the quickest and easiest ways to become an anonymous Instagram user who views a person’s stories undetected. This is pretty simple – you open a separate account, then rush to the target’s profile and view Insta stories anonymously. 

    But here’s a downside – although it’s a piece of cake to do this when the individual has a public profile, it’s trickier with private accounts. You must send a follow request and wait for it to be accepted, which doesn’t always happen. If your target adheres to privacy, chances are they won’t accept being followed by someone whose Instagram profile name they don’t recognize. 

    1. Switch to Airplane Mode

    Checking stories in airplane mode is a little trick that some Instagram users have tried in the past. If you do this, you may remain an anonymous Instagram story viewer without revealing your presence. 

    Open your Instagram application and ensure you’re logged into your account before proceeding. Then, go to your phone’s settings and switch to Airplane mode. Your device’s connectivity will be cut, meaning you won’t be connected to Instagram’s server, so your story view will remain anonymous. 

    It may take some time for the Instagram content to load, though. Once you view the story, close the app, then turn off Airplane mode. 

    1. Use Website Insta Stalker

    There are many websites that let you stalk someone’s account for free. These tools make sure you can check an Instagram story anonymously. One of them is InstaStalker. It can be used without registration of a new account on Instagram, and you don’t need to bother with installation. Noteworthy, you may even download content from your target users. 

    It requires you to enter the details of the public profile you want to spy on, and it will do all the work for you. As such, you can view stories anonymously on Instagram, and the profile you want to see will not be notified of your activity.  

    Safety Measures for Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously

    Before you use an app to view Instagram stories, you must consider some safety measures. 

    First, keep in mind that some third-party apps may not be secure, require verifications and following external sites, promise to hack private accounts for free, etc. Do not fall for the bait. Although the ones we presented are safe, if you look for others, you risk running into products that endanger your account and may not even work as intended. So, it’s essential to only stick to secured options. 

    Also, many apps that let you see and download Instagram stories must be installed on the target’s device to work. So, you must be cautious and find the right moment to do it on the down-low. If you cannot, it’s best not to risk it.

    So, there you have it – different methods to view an Instagram story anonymously. Make sure to compare all these methods and choose the one that suits you for the best results.

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