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How to See Private Instagram Without Creating an Account?

How to see private Instagram

    Ever wanted to know how to see private Instagram? Maybe you were interested in doing so yourself but never knew where to start? You’re in luck! In this article, we delve into the reasons users might want to view private Instagram accounts and introduce Glassagram, a tool for anonymous IG browsing. We also explore other different methods, such as checking a profile on other social media platforms and creating alternate profiles yourself. Let’s dive into it! 

    Reasons Why People Might Want to View Private Instagram Accounts

    While only you know why you want to see private Instagram, we might provide several reasons why other people might be interested in such. And don’t feel conflicted or weirded out if you recognize your own reasons below! After all, sometimes things are as simple as being interested in a friend’s account:

    • curiosity;
    • interest in a person or topic;
    • networking or socializing;
    • monitoring, like parents checking on their children or employers checking potential hires;
    • reconnecting with old friends;
    • gathering information for journalism, research, or investigations;
    • privacy concerns, to learn from others’ privacy settings.

    Using Glassagram Instagram Viewer

    Using Glassagram Instagram Viewer

    Glassagram is your safest bet in staying anonymous while also being able to see private Instagram. The tool is simple and straightforward, and it doesn’t require you to download or install an additional app. All you have to do is choose the type of profile you want to see – a private one, in this case, obviously – and enter the username or profile URL. Signing up for Glassagram is also simple: you can do so via your Google or Facebook account or use your email instead.

    The tool offers lots of exciting features for you to try out! While checking out a private account is a great deal on its own, you can also download the target’s stories and reels, as well as see hot likes, new followers, and comments. You won’t be able to access their DMs, but hey, that’s way too private to be digging into.

    Simple Dashboard 

    Using Glassagram Instagram Viewer

    Simply put, you don’t even have to open Insta properly to go through accounts via Glassagram, which is good if you want to see private Instagram account followers without following. This is where its dashboard comes into play. It is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate for people of different tech backgrounds. It shows recent activity on the account in the form of a neat diagram and statistics of the profile’s posts, stories, likes, etc. If you want to see details, you can go through each category under the username, checking out new followers and comments as you do.

    Multiple Account Monitoring

    Want to browse multiple accounts? Go for it! Glassagram provides the option to monitor more than one profile if/when you need it. Just click on the “Add Account” button under the last watched username, and the tool will prompt you to state a new one. It will be added to the drop-down menu and kept there even as you add more and more accounts. 

    100% Anonymity

    One of Glassagram’s main features is to remain anonymous while checking someone’s account. You don’t use your own profile, so nobody will see your face among those who viewed the target’s stories. Moreover, you won’t have to worry that you’ll misclick and accidentally like a post and your cover will be blown. With Glassagram, you can be sure that you see private account photos on Instagram without following them.

    Checking Their Profile on Other Social Media Platforms

    It is not uncommon for people to link their social media accounts. While an Instagram account may be private, linked platforms might offer accessible information. You can find linked accounts with different privacy settings by searching for the user’s profile on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Snapchat. 

    For example, if Instagram is private but Facebook is public, you can find valuable insights or even direct links to private Instagram content. Moreover, joining relevant Facebook groups or communities where users share Instagram handles could provide access to private content.

    Going Undercover Through a Friend’s Account

    If all else fails, you can always ask a friend for temporary access to their Instagram to see a private Instagram account free. If they already have access to the target’s profile, you’re in luck, and browsing will be an instant thing. If not, you’ll still have to wait for the request to follow (if your friend agrees) to be accepted, and then you’ll be able to go through the wanted profile.

    Another option would be to take one’s phone while they’re not looking (imagine using your spouse’s fingerprint to access the device while they’re asleep, like you can see in some movies), but that’s just plain rude.

    Searching Through Google or Other Search Engines

    Looking up a person via Google may be the most obvious thing to see someone’s private Instagram, but it is quite restrictive. Private Instagram profiles typically aren’t indexed by search engines. That being said, you might find indirect references or mentions on other websites or social media platforms. For instance, if the target has shared their Instagram handle publicly on forums or directories, you might find it in search results. Moreover, even if rare, images or posts from private accounts may occasionally appear in news articles or blog posts.

    Creating an Alternate Instagram Profile

    This must be the most usual option for people who wish to see private Instagram accounts anonymously. A dud profile can enable you to do whatever you please without additional fear for your identity to be revealed. Just use a different email address to create an account, but make sure the username and profile picture don’t reveal your identity. Then, send a follow request to the target account. You may want to personalize your profile to show genuine interest so that it being a dud wouldn’t be so painfully obvious. Once the request is accepted, you can view the private content.

    However, putting so much effort into browsing someone’s account can be considered a drawback, especially when you want to do the checking as quickly as possible. Fortunately for you, there is a faster way to do so, and we have explained it a few paragraphs above.

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