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What Is Quiet Mode on Instagram: Managing Your Notifications and Activity

What is quiet mode on Instagram

    Are you exhausted after a difficult day at work? Are you emotionally drained and need time without being disturbed by the constant flood of Instagram notifications? It’s understandable. It can be irritating, especially when your screen constantly lights up with alerts. Some people even decide to change their Instagram name to confuse their followers, while others turn on the quiet mode on Instagram. So, if the last option sounds like a solution you’re after, this review will be useful for you to read. 

    What Is Quiet Mode on Instagram?

    Instagram quiet mode is a special feature available to all Instagram users. It enables users to stop all notifications they receive from the platform (info about new text messages, comments received, likes, responses to stories, etc.). 

    According to Instagram Support Center, this feature works every night from 11 PM to 7 AM, but you can edit these hours in “Settings”. When you turn on quiet mode on Instagram, you will still be able to use Instagram to send and receive text messages. But what will change? Your activity status will change to “In quiet mode,” and the green active dot will change to a moon icon. So, if someone decides to DM you, they’ll see you put quiet mode on Instagram. 

    If they message you, they will get an auto-reply explaining you won’t be notified until you switch off the quiet mode. As soon as you switch it off, you will receive a summary of any new notifications or messages you received while you were in quiet mode.

    How Does Quiet Mode Work?

    By now, you know the quiet mode Instagram meaning. It’s time to put the feature to good use! Well, but how does the quiet mode Instagram option work? Here’s quick but detailed information to explain its performance. 

    Managing Notifications and Reducing Distractions

    Instagram’s quiet mode feature enables users to manage notifications and minimize distractions during crucial moments such as important meetings, exams, or when unwinding after a stressful day at work. This feature is handy for setting time limits on social media usage, promoting a healthier balance between online engagement and real-life activities.

    Setting a Time Limit for Social Media Use

    We’re all familiar with social media’s addictive pull. It’s easy to lose track of time scrolling through photos, videos, and reels, forgetting to live our own lives in the process. And when someone messages us, we cannot ignore or not open the dialogue. We chat with them even if we’re not really in the mood for that. It’s often out of politeness or a desire not to offend. But in the end, we end up neglecting ourselves.

    Instagram offers a solution to solve this problem subtly but effectively: quiet mode. By enabling quiet mode, you can control your notifications and reduce distractions, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

    Enabling and Disabling Quiet Mode

    To enable the quiet mode on your Instagram account, just follow the next steps:

    1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. 
    2. Log into your account (if you have not done it already).
    3. Tap on your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of your screen. 
    4. Tap the three horizontal lines (the “hamburger menu”) button. 
    5. Navigate to “Settings”, and in “How you use Instagram”, select “Notifications”.
    6. Choose the quiet mode and turn it on by toggling the button. 
    7. Choose the day, start, and end time you do not want to receive notifications on your cell phone. 

    If you want to turn off quiet mode on Instagram, simply disable the notifications button. Then, confirm your actions by tapping “Turn off quiet mode.” 

    Scheduling Quiet Mode

    With Instagram’s quiet mode, you can schedule times when you don’t want to receive notifications. Whether during work, study, or relaxation time, this feature helps you stay focused and in control of your digital habits.

    Parental Supervision Tools for Teens

    Taking into account that Instagram addiction is getting traction, you, as a concerned parent, will need a reliable tool to monitor your kid’s online activities. According to a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 33.5% of participants are reported to be showing signs of IG addiction. It is a common thing for children to make their accounts private, log out from their IG accounts, or not let their parents see the content they share publicly. 

    Curiosity may kill. We understand your worries. For this reason, you can use a great application that will help you peek into their IG account and view the posts, stories, and reels they share with their friends. Even if they restrict access to their IG account or, what’s worse, block you with Glassagram, you will reveal the truth.

    Glassagram to supervise your children on Insta

    What are Glassagram’s advantages?

    • Works globally
    • Supports all devices
    • Provides access to public and private IG accounts
    • Provides access to comments, likes, tagged photos/locations of your target user
    • Allows you to see their real-time stories anonymously
    • Access to followers/following lists
    • No installation required


    • No free trial
    • No possibility of reading DMs

    So, do not wait for anyone. If you want other people not to disturb you, enable the quiet mode on Instagram. If you want to make sure your kid is safe and sound, try Glassagram!

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