Anonymous Instagram location tracker

The unique Instagram tracker online software presents the useful option - the location monitoring. That became the breakthrough on the spy software market. Meet with the wider approach to Instagram watching out with the Instagram location tracker. This option will turn into a helpful spy tool while target person monitoring.

What is an anonymous Instagram location tracker?

The uptoday’s smart technologies and wearable cool gadgets have made keeping tabs on the person’s desired ones easier and safer. The spy app global market offers a wide range of options. We can track the targeted person`s location, hear the surrounding’ activities, read messages, and the content that the phone holds. The main aim of those apps is not only to get someone’s secrets but to be convinced that your family members (the kids especially) are safe.

You know that our program specializes in Instagram monitoring. That is why when we speak about video monitoring we mean this platform content.

By the way, it does not matter what kind of account you want to observe. You just insert the link (or the username) on the preferred Instagram and see the results. Nobody can know that you look through the profile from the inside!

The Instagram tracker can provide the ability to watch someone’s video without any signs of you being watched it. The targeted person won`t recognize you as a viewer among others.

The exciting usage of this Instagram location tracker app is the possibility to know who watched your videos. You know that we do not see who exactly saw the video posted on the profile feed. But we are sure that you are interested in this particular information. Or maybe it is a stranger one and it will be a sign to turn the profile on the private mode in order of safety.

The Instagram tracker app will be useful in case you are the owner of a small business and want to see what audience sees your content, but for some reason does not follow you. You can analyze the kind of those people and the way how to attract their attention and to turn them into your followers.

How to use


Choose your subscription plan. Complete the purchase and receive the email with further instructions.


Install Glassagram on a target Android device. You need a few minutes to complete this process.


Go to your account and wait until devices are linked and the data starts sending.

Compatible with Android devices

Our customers talk about us

Sean Kong

Sean Kong

“Earlier I didn’t use something like that and considered it to be rather suspicious. But the Glassagram location tracker opened a new window at the parental control. I didn’t notice some cons. Because I see who spends time on my account.”


Miranda Grey

“The Insta swallowed my teenager son. Strange video conversations were carried out every night. I’ve been using the Instagram location tracker for two days. And I began to realize the reason.”


Ben Stone

“I bought the subscription two months ago and of course, I’ll proceed with its usage. I caught the discount and could buy my package even cheaper than I expected. The price for this Instagram spy app is not high, but the results that I’ve got are great! I’m surprised.”



“The Instagram location tracker helps me to watch out for my daughter’s account. The daughter has visited the psychologist for the bullying. I do not want the situation to be repeated”.



“I have a small business - a marketing agency. The idea to watch the competitors from the inside appeared nearly a month ago. I’ve started to use the Glassagram and understood who of them are monitoring my business account”



“You know I was surprised to learn that my wife spends time at the cafe with some strangers. But not at the gym as she said. I installed Glassagram and now see all the location activity. I’m gonna to know who this stranger is”



“The thing is that after the Glassagram installation I’ve got the great interesting opportunity to see every photo someone likes on Instagram. Maybe it is not fully correct ethically, but curiosity takes over me!”

Use the anonymous location tracker for the best monitoring results!

Enter the targeted username in the search bar using “@username” or “”

Have questions?

What are the main work principles of this Instagram tracker software?

The Instagram photo location finder can make keeping big secrets unclassified . Today’s digital technologies can break this particular system. With Glassagram you can track Instagram location anonymously. The targeted user will have no imagination that somebody is watching him from the inside.

Does the Glassagram software have the demo version to try the usage on?

We provide the demo version for our customers to try the product. We are sure that it is the proper way to understand every detail concerning the Glassagram software. And to choose the right subscription plan in the future.

Can you track Instagram via Glassagram secure and safe software?

The Glassagram software was developed with the aim to provide future clients with absolute anonymity. You have no reason to worry that somebody will know you were watching his or her profile from the inside. We guarantee the full security usage process. And pay attention that we do not refer your personal data to third parties. All our cooperation will stay secure and safe.

How to find someone’s location on Instagram with the help of Glassagram?

With the help of Glassagram, you can check Instagram’s exact location online. And the targeted person could be the needed one. Just make payment for the subscription plan, register your account at the software system, and start to monitor what is going on at the target gadget.

Can the software provide screenshots of Instagram accounts?

Yes. The Glassagram user has the possibility to get the screenshots for the whole activity of the target device. And not only for Instagram. The screenshots will be made randomly each 10 seconds. And you can see the update of fresh information in order not to miss something important.

Can people see if you look through their Instagram?

You know that without our software usage targeted people can see you watch their stories, for instance. Or to see you among the viewers of their published video who liked it. But with the appearance of Glassagram, everything becomes anonymous. The targeted account won’t recognize that somebody uses the Instagram video views app and simply monitor his or her page from the inside.