Anonymous Instagram likes viewer app

The Instagram likes viewer from Glassagram is a fresh option for the spy app industry. The most prominent thing concerning this feature is the possibility to view Instagram likes of the targeted person and to see all the likes left on the needed account that is on private mode. Feel the new level of monitoring with Instagram likes viewer right now!

What is an anonymous Instagram likes viewer?

Glassagram gave the spy market a new form of monitoring. The Instagram platform doesn’t allow you to track all the liking activity of the targeted person. The one one is to monitor each person’s account whom the targeted one follows. But with the Instagram likes viewer everything is gonna work another way. Now you can see everything like the targeted one leaves on someone’s page.

The Glassagram Instagram spy app will become your parental friend and partner in this endeavor. We’re up to the task to help you detect inappropriate activities on Instagram and take measures right on time.

What are the ways for parents to use the Instagram likes viewer? The software will provide the possibility to see whether some strangers are interested in your child or if everything is ok. As usual, likes display the total attitude of the stranger to his victim. You’ll have the chance to find out the risks at the root.

Let’s move to the new Glassagram option - the Instagram likes viewer. All the content sources keep some secrets. It is private territory and sometimes it can speak about its owner. But agree, when it concerns the child`s safety the hesitations of to watch the chats or no hade away. Parents can realize when something is going wrong. Simply with the help of Instagram spy software, you can see likes on Instagram from strangers, or some bad propositions have been made through the direct. The bullying can be identified in such a way too. Maybe your kid is just horribly shy and couldn`t tell you all the truth about his problems.

The important thing while the Glassagram usage is the screenshots. They are made every five minutes. And every five minutes you’ll have the fresh dialogues if they were. This option surely will be a signal in a proper moment. The Instagram direct messages viewer will open the window for your parental help for the child.

How to use


Choose your subscription plan. Complete the purchase and receive the email with further instructions.


Install Glassagram on a target Android device. You need a few minutes to complete this process.


Go to your account and wait until devices are linked and the data starts sending.

Compatible with Android devices

Our customers talk about us


Molly Godsy

“I don’t know why but the desire to see whom my husband likes from his Instagram profile appeared flash-like! I want to find out if there are any women he likes. Maybe the Instagram likes viewer will reveal some secrets.”



“After the Glassagram installation I’ve got the great interesting opportunity to see every photo someone likes on Instagram. Maybe it is not fully correct ethically, but curiosity takes over me!”


Adam K.

“Now I can track my daughter’s Instagram account and check out whether there are some strangers that like her photos. The daughter has visited the psychologist for the bullying. I do not want the situation to be repeated.”



“I used the subscription one months ago and of course, I’ll proceed with its usage. I caught the discount and could buy my package even cheaper than I expected. The price for this Instagram spy app is not high, but the results that I’ve got are great! I’m surprised”


Tommy J.

“It was a surprise for me to view instagram likes and see my wife spend time at the cafe with some stranger. But not at the gym as she said. I installed Glassagram and now see all the location activity. I’m gonna to know who this stranger is”


Sean Skott

“The software simply enables me not to worry about my kid’s online safety. I see everything that is going on via my dashboard. The number one option are the screenshots. They are made and I can get all the new information.”


Lawrens Doll

“For me Instagram likes tracker is the number one way to find out if your spouse is cheating you. I was in such a situation and I know what I’m talking about. The software had shed the light”

Start using the anonymous likes viewer and watch the results!

Enter the targeted username in the search bar using “@username” or “”

Have questions?

Can people see what you like on instagram?

You know that Instagram does not allow such a possibility. Other people can’t see what pages exactly do you like. Maybe, if someone will waste the time while browsing all the accounts you follow on. But Glassagram Instagram likes viewer that allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of the target account. Just meet with the installation details.

Can people see if you look through their Instagram?

You know that without our software usage targeted people can see you watch their stories, for instance. Or to see you among the viewers of their published video who liked it. But with the appearance of Glassagram, everything becomes anonymous. The targeted account won’t recognize that somebody uses the Instagram video views app and simply monitor his or her page from the inside.

How does the Instagram spy app work?

The private messages Instagram is keeping are a big secret. But today’s digital technologies can break this particular system. Glassagram provides the ability to view Instagram messages online and anonymously. The targeted user will have no imagination that somebody is watching him from the inside.

Can the Glassagram provide the user with the screenshots? How does it work?

The Glassagram system provides its users with the screenshots. The last one is made each 10 seconds in order not to miss something important. All the information will be referred to the account dashboard and the user will be able to check out all the changes.

How to see what someone likes on instagram?

If you want to see likes on Instagram the targeted person leaves on someone’s profiles, use the Glassagram software. With the help of this particular app you can get information about different accounts. As well as likes, you can monitor other activities being made on the targeted device.

Can the software provide the possibility to manage the account as it is me the owner?

Yes. The Glassagram system allows you to register and manage the targeted account by yourself. You can change settings, delete some followers from the list, read direct messages, delete them, and answer as if you are the owner.

Is the Glassagram software secure and safe?

The Glassagram software was developed with the aim to provide future clients with absolute anonymity. You have no reason to worry that somebody will know you were watching his or her profile from the inside. We guarantee the full security usage process. And pay attention that we do not refer your personal data to third parties. All our cooperation will stay secure and safe.

Does Instagram have the demo version?

The Glassagram company e provides the demo version for its clients to try the product. We are sure that it is the right way to meet with the service and see every detail that concerns the Glassagram software. Then one can choose the subscription plan needed in the future.