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How to View Instagram Lives Anonymously?

How to view Instagram live streams

    Are you curious about how to view Instagram lives anonymously? You must be among those who fancy spending hours on Instagram for various reasons: fun, looking for inspiration, watching your kids’ activities, or maybe monitoring your ex-partner’s life. The willingness to watch what others broadcast live on Instagram is part of our nature. Moreover, Instagram live video is a perfect engagement tool that many business owners use to interact with their audiences. 

    But what if you want to view Instagram live without being revealed? Imagine that your child or ex-partner announces a live video stream on Instagram, which you would love to see without them knowing. Keep reading to learn how to watch their live videos on Instagram stealthily.

    What Is Instagram Live and Its Benefits? 

    Instagram live stream feature lets anyone run a live broadcast on their Instagram page. Streaming live has become an essential activity for businesses, influencers, and ordinary people, and according to statistics, the global live-streaming market is expected to grow to $3 billion by 2027 (it’s been $1.49 billion in 2023). Thus, many try to incorporate this activity into their daily Instagram usage. To broadcast live, one should use the Instagram app. As the stream organizer, launch the app on your phone to start. On the other side of the screen, viewers have two options: they view Instagram live on PC or on their phones. 

    The app offers two ways of making a live broadcast: public and practice. When you choose the public mode, anyone on Instagram can see your video and interact with you in comments. However, you may choose the practice mode to check how the live stream works and, eventually, ask someone to join it.

    Instagram stream

    Creating a live video on the Instagram app helps with the profile’s upgrade and evolution. So, let’s see what the main benefits are:

    • The live video is authentic. The stream organizer creates a face-to-face experience with his followers or new people, creating an atmosphere of openness and genuineness. 
    • The live broadcast raises engagement metrics. People share their opinions, leave comments, and interact with each other. This experience creates a sense of being a part of a unique Instagram community.
    • On average, a live Insta video is more attractive to others than posts and even stories. They are always depicted first in the storyline. Thus, they are more likely to be seen.

    Can I Join an IG Live Without Someone Knowing?

    Using several methods, you can join and view live on Instagram without anyone knowing. Here, you will find the most common ones. They differ in accuracy and functionality, so ensure you know your monitoring goals. Whether you want to view someone’s live video occasionally or have full access to their Instagram page – here is an option for you! 

    #1: Watch Instagram Live Streams Anonymously Using Glassagram

    View an Instagram stream with Glassagram

    Glassagram Instagram story viewer has multiple monitoring perks that work without installation, keeping users’ activities anonymous. It works for public and private profiles and makes it possible to see photos, stories, tagged photos, comments, followers and following, and live videos without being shown on the list of those who watch. 

    Imagine having unlimited access to what posts your ex-partner shows and what videos he/she shares. Glassagram viewer will let you acquire all the necessary information about someone’s Instagram account. There is also an option to download content to your gadget.

    View old live videos on Instagram or even their deleted photos and stories. People will never know you visited their page. So, tap the “watch now” button, choose the subscription option, and watch their live video on Instagram anonymously and without worries.

    #2: Use a Fake/New Account

    Another way to watch someone’s live videos on Instagram is by creating a new or fake account. However, this approach has one significant drawback. One can watch only live videos from public accounts. 

    For viewing private accounts using this method, one requires vigilance and patience. So, create a new account in a way that’s not recognizable by someone you want to monitor. Ensure they accept your follower request. Block the targeted profile from your fake account. It is a preventive step from them visiting your fake profile and spotting it. Then, check when they start a live video using your regular one. Return to your fake account and unblock the needed user to watch their broadcast from there. Block it back after the stream is finished.

    #3: Change Your Instagram Identity

    Create a fake Insta profile

    You may also change your Instagram identity to watch a desired live video without them knowing. Log in to your account and edit the information in your bio, such as username or name. The main idea here is to alter your known profile to make it look different.

    Unfortunately, they will still be able to notice you’re watching their videos if they visit your page. So, ensure you also change your profile pictures. The changing process is time-consuming and still does not guarantee you will remain 100% unrecognizable. 

    Tips for Watching Instagram Live Discreetly

    The best way to watch any live video on Instagram is to choose an appropriate and trusted viewing tool that guarantees data security and discreet monitoring, like Glassagram. 

    Thus, the best tips to watch someone’s broadcast are:

    • Find a reliable Instagram viewer. Check on the reviews and comments before picking up one;
    • If you don’t want to use a professional viewer, ensure you follow the rules about how to create a new account or alter the existing one so they won’t identify you;
    • Ensure you know what your monitoring goals are and take them into account before choosing your way of viewing someone’s live stream;
    • Remember that high-quality tools may cost, and this is the money you invest in your security.

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