Glassagram is the best Instagram viewer app

Glassagram is the online software for each Instagram viewer to look through any account. This anonymous Instagram story viewer provides all the necessary information about the profile.

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Why do I need Glassagram?

We offer anonymous Instagram viewer options of prime quality. It is a new digital market product. We know exactly that the service usage will lead to prominent results. You’ll get full access to the account from the inside. And you can monitor whatever you need. The service is safe and secure. We provide you with the best Instagram story viewer options. Just look here:

Quick installation

The usage start process is easy. Sign up for free and check the system work. The app will be ready to be used in 1 minute!

Real-time updates

Glassagram automatically updates data reports every 5 minutes. There is no chance to miss even the least detail.

Best price

We offer the best value for a reasonable price and half the cost of similar products.

What features will I get with the private Instagram viewer?


Anonymous Instagram stories watching

Using Instagram viewer one can have detailed information about the stories of the account needed. The reactions, comments can be shown there. The software provides fully anonymous usage And the profile owner won’t know you were watching it. Instagram stories viewer will be useful in the case of hidden stories mode of the targeted person profile.

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Anonymous Instagram videos tracking

Among a wide range of phone apps, Glassagram has become a great digital invention! You even can have no registered Instagram profile. Just use Glassagram and watch the targeted account anonymously.

The video tracker can provide the ability to watch someone’s video without any signs of you being watched it. The targeted person wont recognize you as a viewer among others.

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Direct messages tracking

Glassagram presents the unique set of features that became the breakthrough on the spy software market. Meet with the wider approach to Instagram watching out. The option of the direct messages tracker will turn into a helpful tool while target person monitoring.

If you are a parent, with the help of Instagram spy software, you can check the messages from strangers, or some bad propositions have been made through the direct. The bullying can be identified in such a way too.

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User’s likes viewing

Glassagram developed the unique option to see whose publications the targeted person likes more often. This information will be fully understood whether the spouse is cheating or not.

With Instagram online viewer you can also have the important information about the cyber activity of your children. For instance, likes to some specific account (with the adult content) will give a signal to parents to prevent future problems.

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Location tracker using

Instagram viewer presents one more advanced option to watch the exact location of the targeted device. The software provides its user with the constant screenshots, they are made each 10 seconds. The reports are delivered to your device and you won’t miss any important thing.

The location of the photo can be seen as well as the general cell phone location. You’ll get full access to the whole activity that runs on the target device.

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5-minutes setup


Choose your subscription plan. Complete the purchase and receive the email with further instructions.


Install Glassagram on a target Android device. You need a few minutes to complete this process.


Go to your account and wait until devices are linked and the data starts sending.

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Compatible with Android devices

Our customers talk about us


Alicia W.

“Honestly saying, I couldnt act another way. My kid started to use Instagram too often. And I find him nervous. This Instagram profile viewer will help to find out the reason.”



“I’m skeptical. I must confess that I wasn’t expecting this Instagram video viewer to be useful. It really works and is easy to use. The email with detailed instructions was sent to me in a few minutes.”



“I know that it is not the honest way to act, but I decided to know the truth through the Instagram story viewer. My wife is communicating with some strangers via Instagram. And I want to learn more about it.”



“I suspected that someone is moking with my son in the Instagram. I find the reason through the private Instagram viewer. It is bullying. And we ask for help from the psychologist.”


Jimmy Lewson

“My competitors started to go on the offensive. And my business partner recommended this software. The price for this Instagram spy app is not high, but the results that I’ve got are great! I’m surprised."


Katty J.

“I couldn’t complete the payment process for this Instagram viewer and then asked for help. The guys answered immediately! They explained to me what the problem is and how to solve it with my bank.”


Jordan Kelly

“As for me, Instagram anonymous viewer is the number one way to find out if your spouse is cheating on you. I was in such a situation and I know what I’m talking about. The software had shed the light”

Start anonymous tracking Instagram!

The direct messages, the user needed news feed, IGTV likes and comments are also available to be seen. By the way, the deleted stories can be shown too. With the instagram profile viewer, you’ll get full access to the account in private mode. Have a chance to see the targeted account from the inside!

Have questions?

Is it necessary to have an account for someone else`s profile tracking?

No, you don’t need to be registered on the platform. You can use Instagram viewer without an account. Everything you need is the username of the desired profile. That’s all!

Can I see the information of the Instagram profile that is on private mode?

There is no matter for anonymous Instagram viewer what account to connect with. The targeted person account can be in both private and public modes. All the information will be available.

What about the customer support?

Our customer support team is available 24/7. The customers may ask whatever they need concerning the app. Just send the proper request and get the detailed instructions on how to act.

What devices can be tracked with the help of Glassagram?

Different kinds of modern devices support the Instagram viewer software. Smartphones, PC and tablets can be used (Android). The software is developed for comfortable usage.

Is your Glassagram service safe and secure enough?

Our service is developed under the secure system of the great quality. The cooperation process is fully anonymous. We do not refer to the customer’s data to the third parties. It is safe enough.

Can I use the demo version before the order is made?

Yes, we provide the demo version for our customers to try the product. We are sure that it is the proper way to understand every detail concerning the Glassagram software. And to choose the right subscription plan in the future.