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Glassagram is your go-to online Instagram viewer. Whether you’re curious about a public or private profile, want to explore fresh stories, or dive into intriguing highlights, Glassagram lets you do it all anonymously and without an account. View Instagram content hassle-free!

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Why do I need Glassagram?

We offer anonymous Instagram viewer options of prime quality. Glassagram is a new digital market product. We know exactly that the service usage will lead to prominent results. You’ll get full access to any IG account and monitor everything you need. The service is safe and secure. We provide you with the best Instagram story viewer options. Just look here:

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No installation

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Real-time stories watching

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100% anonymously

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Stories saved up to 3 months
(never miss one!)

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Any account watching
in one dashboard

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View and download videos
(stories & posts)

What features will I get with the private Instagram viewer?

Anonymous Instagram stories watching

Anonymous Instagram stories watching

Using the Instagram viewer, one can have detailed information about the stories of the account needed. You’ll get access to the reactions and comments involved. The software enables anonymous usage, so the profile owner won’t know you were watching anything. Instagram stories viewer will be useful in the case of hidden stories mode of the targeted person’s profile.

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Anonymous Instagram videos tracking

Anonymous Instagram videos tracking

Among a wide range of digital solutions, Glassagram has become a great invention for Instagram tracking! You can even have no registered IG profile. Just use Glassagram and watch the targeted account anonymously.

The video tracker can provide the ability to watch someone’s stories or reels without any signs of you having watched them. The targeted person won’t recognize you among other viewers.

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Hot likes

Hot likes

Do you know that feeling when you meet someone you like, and you go through their Instagram account almost to the beginning of time and like old photos?

Now you can see who does that to your target account! Apart from tracking likes, you will be able to spot heightened interest in the target person’s profile.

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Detailed posts' information

Detailed posts' information

Check out the whole history of one’s account with posting dates in a convenient calendar view. Also, the Glassagram dashboard will allow you to analyze all activity in the tracked profile in the form of a chart.

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Monitor multiple accounts

Monitor multiple accounts

If you would like to check different accounts from time to time, you can simply add them to your account and check those anonymously anytime, with stories being saved up to 3 months and all the features mentioned above!

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5-minute setup

Choose your subscription plan. Complete the purchase and receive the email with further instructions.
Enter the target Instagram username inside your account.
Give the service some time to retrieve data and start monitoring Instagram account anonymously.

Our customers talk about us

Photo Katty J. Katty J.

“I couldn’t complete the payment process for this Instagram viewer and then asked for help. The guys answered immediately! They explained to me what the problem was and how to solve it with my bank.“

Photo Jimmy Lewson Jimmy Lewson

“My competitors started to go on the offensive. And my business partner recommended Glassagram. The price for this Instagram spy app is not high, but the results I’ve got are great! I’m surprised.“

Photo Ann Ann

“I’m a skeptic by nature. I must confess that I wasn’t expecting this Instagram video viewer to be useful. It really works and is easy to use. I really like that stories are saved for a long time so that I can check them whenever needed.“

Photo Alicia W. Alicia W.

“Honestly saying, I couldn’t act another way. My kid has started to use Instagram too often and behaves other than usual. This Instagram profile viewer will help find out the reason.“

Photo Jeffrey Jeffrey

“I know that it is not the honest way to act, but I decided to know the truth through the Instagram story viewer. My wife is communicating with some strangers via Instagram. And I want to dispel suspicions.“

Photo Jordan Kelly Jordan Kelly

“I think that Instagram anonymous viewer is the number one way to find out if your spouse is cheating on you. I was in such a situation, and I know what I’m talking about. Glassagram shed light on my relationship.“

Start anonymous Instagram tracking!

Stories, likes, reels, tagged photos, location tags, followers/following, comments, and hot likes of a particular person are available for viewing. By the way, the deleted stories are saved as well. With the Instagram profile viewer, you’ll get access to the account, even if it is in private mode. Have a chance to see the targeted account from the inside!

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Have questions?

No, you don’t need to be registered on the platform. You can use Instagram viewer without an account; no installation is necessary. Everything you need is the username of the desired profile. That’s all!

Glassagram tracks both public and private accounts. It should be noted that accessing private accounts may take longer than viewing public accounts due to technicalities. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all private accounts can be accessed, yet 8 out of 10 private accounts work fine with the Glassagram app. If your private account isn’t linked after some time, you are able to change this account to any other private/public account at no charge.

Anonymous Instagram viewer provides access to any account. The targeted person’s profile can be in both private and public modes. All the information will be available.

Our service is developed under a secure system of great quality. The cooperation process is fully anonymous. We do not disclose the customer’s data to third parties. Rest assured, you will feel safe and secure while using our service.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat upon signing up. Also, it is possible to reach out via the contact form in the Contacts section. The customers may ask whatever they need concerning the app. Just send the proper request and get detailed instructions on how to act.

You may track as many accounts as you need. They will be available for monitoring in your user space. Please note that each additional account will necessitate a separate subscription.